Wallberry Menu

We’ve had a quite good response from you guys and it was such a nice feat to receive. In response to your continued support, we’ve added some of your request to our menu and upgraded the classic set to a much palatable ones.

Check these October up to November menu:


Milk Tea And Pasta

wallberry 1

In addition to our wide range of menu, here’s to offer you one of a kind treat that will surely make your taste buds go bubble.

New pasta offering. The Creamy Garlic Chicken Carbonara. For those who likes a bit more of kick to their usual béchamel sauce, this is the right flavor for you.

wallberry 3

How about something healthy for your tummy? Try our new Chicken Pesto; olive oil, basil, garlic and select spices. Good for your soul that craves for a hearty meal.

wallberry 2

New milk tea flavors are out! Mixed Berries Milk Tea, Spearmint Milk Tea and the classic Thai Milk Tea. Try them out and experience flavors of summer and cool and calming taste of spearmint.

Visit us at Solivio Building, Dajay Road, Surallah South Cotabato.
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Wallberry Opening Highlights


After a month of preparation and intricate planning, the Wallberry Restaurant and Bar has finally opened its doors to the public last August 8, 2017. This as of this writing, is the first and only Restaurant and Bar in Surallah, South Cotabato which offers a wide range of menu that caters Asian, Italian and American cuisine.

Highlights of the opening:

The restaurant opened at exactly 11:00 AM for the store blessing which was attended by friends, family and special guests of the owners. It has officially opened to the public at exactly 01:00 PM and have accommodated 7 groups of customers.

During the evening, at 7:00PM, three band performers; Marvin Blue Corpus, Jaypee Paul and Soul Stringz Socierty were invited to have a night full of music jamming session with the locals of Surallah, South Cotabato.  Two comediennes were also invited to have fun and laughter with us; Juvylicious and ER.

Our special guests

Wallberry Guests

Jehza Huelar -Bb Pilipinas 2nd Runner-Up 2016, Arielle Roque -2nd Runner-Up Mutya ng Aliwan 2017 , Camille Folio -Miss Millenial 2017, Tam Manila -1st Runner Up Mutya Ng South Cotabato. The women from different famous pageantry has indeed made the opening extra remarkable.


The kitchen staff, dining crew, models and owners of the Wallberry Restaurant + Bar. Without them, Wallberry wouldn’t be possible.

Some of the highlights of the restaurant blessing and after party.

Thanks to those who have attended our OPENING and we do hope you all had a great time with us as we are definitely happy to see Surallah make way for a new place to be.

See you soon!

The Wallberry Acoustic Battle

Wallberry Acoustic Battle

We’ve received much queries about band performances during the first week of the opening of the Wallberry Restaurant + Bar in Surallah South Cotabato. So, we’ve decided to come up an up-to-date Battle of the Bands to rev up Surallah’s local music scene. As promised, Wallberry will be an agent of change as the melting pot of local musicians here and around the municipality of Surallah. AS.W.E.DO.LOVE.MUSIC.A.LOT!

So if you are in a band, you know someone who has a band, an amateur band performer or a pro, then this definitely will pump up your kicks.

                                                                   Be Ready For The
                                                    WALLBERRY ACOUSTIC BATTLE!


-the Wallberry Acoustic Battle is open to all acoustic bands.

-They must submit their band profile with group picture through the Wallberry page.

-The band should have a minimum of 1 member and a maximum of 4 members.

-The band must bring their own musical instruments.

-Bands must prepare a total of 3 songs for the Elimination Round and the Grand Finals. Songs can be original piece or cover.

– The band will be given 30 minutes each performance including the set-up of instruments.

-Time is essence. One (1) point will be deducted to their score for every minute in excess.

-Five Bands will be competing for the Grand Finals on Sept. 8, 2017.

-Deadline of Submission of Entry is on August 18, 2017.

-The verdict of the Board of Judges are final and irrevocable


Musicality – 80%

=vocal power -30%
=instrumentation -30%
=creativity in rendition -20%

Stage Impact – 20%

=audience impact -10%
=stage presence -10%

Facebook Impact [Grand Finals]


-Grand Winner Php5,000 + Wallberry Gift Certificate
-1st Runner Up Php3,000 + Wallberry Gift Certificate
-2nd Runner Up Php2,000 + Wallberry Gift Certificate
-Consolation Prize Wallberry Gift Certificate
-Elimination Prize Wallberry Gift Certificate


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Wallberry Menu



Dishes and prices on this menu may vary from time to time an may be changed without prior notice but we are SERIOUSLY doing our best that all these things are available on the list everyday.


Wallberry Menu 2
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Wallberry Menu 1
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Thank you very much for your continued patronage! See you everyday at the Wallberry Restaurant + Bar.

The Wallberry Signature HamBurger

Sun and Shades.png

Joining us in our venture is the Wallberry Signature Burgers. Made from premium ingredients specially dedicated and consolidated for the Wallberry Restaurant + Bar. Handcrafted with love and out of passion. The Wallberry Burger’s concept to sign your heart with the memory and experience of having this special burger. 

Good day! I am Jake W. I honestly am not a big fan of burgers as I’ve heard from my friends and family that it is considered as an unhealthy food. I think it’s not. Why? If we make everything from scratch, uses the correct ingredients, the perfect amount of everything- then that’s what you call a real burger. I think it would be the best burger in town! If we put real ingredients on the burger; real beef, fresh tomatoes, cheese, exact salt and pepper then everything will be a OKAY. Then that’s the time I think I would definitely want to have a burger.

The Wallberry Restaurant + Bar considered to add up Burgers in the menu. So we ventured and tried some the burgers in South Cotabato to help us come up with our very own signature hamburgers.

We made our burgers CLOSE to the EARTH so it’ll be also good for your HEART. Clean, Fresh and Healthy. 

In order to make the best burger, we have to be exact with what’s inside with a dash of a little secrecy to make a little bit of guessing and mystery. We made a batch of burgers for random people and we listed their comments.

Here are some of the comments from the first people who tried the Wallberry signature burger:

-“Good AM! Sabi ni Mr. Davis excellent daw yong hamburger nyo. Sabi niya for the first time at last nakatikim din daw sya ng masarap na hamburger sa Pilipinas. Sabi niya wag na wag nyo daw babaguhin and timpla at yong mga ingredients kung ano daw nilagay nyo doon, Maraming salamat daw.”
(Good morning! Mr. Davis says your hamburger was excellent. He said for the first time he tasted a delicious burger in the Philippines. He also said that you should never try to change its taste and ingredient. Thank you very much!) 

-“Dili siya mantikaon lagi? Ganahan ko kay fresh and lettuce. Ingon ani dapat ang burger jud,” -Armand
(It’s not greasy. I like this one because the lettuce is fresh. This is what burgers should be all about.)

-“Fan kaayo kog burger kana ganing medyo sunog2x ang pan gamay? Pero kani kay wala na nako na mind na fan diay kog crunchy na burger. Ni hilom lang ko pagkaon nako. Nice siya lami pa jud.”
(I am a fan of burgers with a slightly burnt buns. But this one made me forget that I had a preference with burgers. I simply just shut up and eat.)

I hope you guys will also like our burgers as we definitely made this with love and passion!

The Wallberry Signature Burgers will be offered soon!

For more information about the Wallberry Restaurant + Bar, please contact us our Facebook Page here.

Wallberry: All Things Cake


Cakes started to evolve when the modification of bread started. Some of the modifications began when butter cakes came into popularity. A single addition of butter made a revolutionary entry to wide range of cake flavors which we are now familiar of; Chiffon Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Sponge Cakes, Coffee Cakes and a whole lot more! Rainbow chiffon cakes, red velvet cakes and the ever popular Green Tea Matcha Cake.

Hi everyone!

This is Ralph from Surallah, South Cotabato. I am a cake and coffee lover. I’ve always been a coffee drinker since the day I learned that it calms me down and wakes up the artist in me. I know a couple of people who definitely cannot start their day without drinking coffee. I completely understand that kind of situation.

But have you ever considered trying to accompany your cup of coffee with a slice of cake? My favorite is the blueberry cheesecake. It’s so smooth, you don’t need to chew much. Cakes are wonderful creations of mankind! So is the coffee.

What about you? What’s your favorite cake flavor? Tell us more about it in the comment section below.